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Frequently Asked Questions - GBXemu FAQ'

What is GBXemu?
GBXemu is a gaming site primarily devoted to the Emulation of the Gameboy Advance (GBA) handheld system.

What does GBXemu do? GBXemu offers all the latest news about the GBA system and provides a central source to all you need to know about GBA. We provide links to useful websites, GBA game reviews, GBA Roms, and more!

Why does GBXemu exist? GBXemu is here today because of the interest users have in the GBA Gameboy Advance. The demand for good GBA sites is high so this site was made to meet that demand.

Does GBXemu supply roms? Play NDS and GBA Backups
Yes, GBXemu has roms available for download so that you can get new GBA games for your Flash Advance Cards and Carts, or play games on the PC with a GBA Emulator!

Does GBXemu cost anything?
Nope. GBXemu is a free site, made to provide you with the best of the best in the GBA emulation scene! GBXemu pays the bills through advertising on our webpages. Support us by visiting the sites, and consider making a purchase.

What is the difference between and is a 100% different site than both are oriented around Gameboy Advance emulation, but our site is different in many ways. We strive to provide our users with the best services possible. We pay our own hosting bills to bring you free GBA ROM downloads, and have constant changes and features being added to our site.

Is a copy of then?
Absolutely not. Aside from the name, there is not to much more similar. We do NOT pose as being the owners of! We are a seperate site than them, as the different design an pages would imply.

What is a GBA Rom?
GBA Rom is another way of saying "Gameboy Advance Cartridge Backup". A GBA Rom is a backup of the cartridge made from a GBA cartridge either onto the PC harddrive or a write flash card for the GBA.

Where can I get GBA Roms?
GBA roms can be found in many places. First you should start off by checking out our site. We have many resources for your to download all the newest in GBA roms and Gameboy Advance games. If you still can't find what you are looking for, ask around in our forums, or check out some of the links to other emulation and rom sites.

How do I make GBA ROMS?
GBA ROMS can be backed up to the computer if you have the right tools. To backup commercial gba roms from a cartidge to the computer, you need a Flash Advance Cart/Card, such as the F2A Ultra, EZFlash, XGFlash, etc. The different Flash Cards come with software that makes backing up games to the computer a breeze.

Are GBA ROMS Illegal?
No. A GBA rom alone, it far from illegal. The purpose of GBA Roms is to make a backup copy of a legally owned game to ensure that no damage comes to the original copy. It IS, in fact illegal though, to download backups (GBA ROMS) that you do not legally own and then use them as if you do.

What if I delete the roms within 24 hours?

Despite the common rumor that you can have the roms on your hard drive for 24 hours and then you must delete them, the truth is... it's still illegal. There is nothing in the law that states you can break the law for 24 hours and then must stop. If you do not own a game legally, then DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!


Whats a GBA Emulator?
A GBA emulator is a program that makes your computer think that it is a Gameboy Advance. You can then load gameboy advance roms files (.gba) in the program and play them on the computer!

Are GBA Emulators illegal?
Not at all. All an emulator does is make the computer think and act like a Gameboy Advance. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Downloading and having GBA Emulators on your hard drive is perfectly legal.

Where can I get a GBA Emulator?
GBA emulators can be found at most GBA emulation websites, including our site. Go to the emulators section and pick your favourite emulator.

What is the difference between different emulators?
There are more than one different emulators that you can choose to download such as VBA (VisualBoy Advance) and Boycotte Advance. It is really all about preference. I personally, prefer to use VBA, because it's what I have always been using and I've never had any problems, but certain emulators work better on different computers than others. So just try out different GBA Emulators and decide which you like best!

How do I use the emulator?

It is slightly different, depending on which emulator you have, but in general, you can load a GBA rom with the emulator by going to: FILE > OPEN > Select your rom from your harddrive. You can open roms in .zip format with most emulators. There is no need to extract the roms from the file first. The emulator can read the gba rom directly from the zip file.

Why am I having trouble saving my game?
A common problem with saving your game is that certain games use different save methods than others. Some use 64KB sized saves, others use 128KB saves. There is diffent types of saves also, such as EEPROM. Often, you can change save settings of the emulator to fix this but sometimes you might need to patch the game. For more information please find you game in the GBA ROMS Release list, and check for any available patches, or ask in our forums.


What are Flash Linker Carts?
Flash Advance Cards such as XGFlash, EZFlash, F2A, Flash2Advance Ultra, are cartidges for the Gameboy Advance much like a normal game cartridge you'd buy at the store. There is, however, one LARGE difference. These cards are writable, meaning you can flash / transfer data from the computer to your card. This is used to transfer GBA roms from the computer to the GBA cart.

What would I do with one?

Well, it all depends what you like to do. Most people like to download their favourite GBA Roms and games from the internet for free, and then transfer the GBA Roms file or multiple GBA ROMS to the Flash Advance Card. You can then play the cartridge in your gameboy as if its the original game.

Why would I buy a Flash Advance Card / Linker Cart?

Well, it really is up to you. You can either go to the store and buy 2 GBA games, or for just about the same price, you can buy a Flash Advance card such as F2A, Visoly Xtreme Card, XG2, EZ-Flash, etc.. and play all the games you could ever download, for FREE!! There is thousands of different GBA ROMS you can download for FREE, from our site and partner sites, and transfer all of them to your Flash Advance Writable Cartridge.

Which GBA Flash Linker Advance Card is best?
Some cards are definately better than others, but with quality usually comes price. Depending on how many GBA ROMS you want to be able to store on the card, whether you want to have cerain features (such as real time clock support), there are certain choices that are better than others. To get an idea of which cards are good for different aspects of GBA emulation and playing GBA Roms on GBA Flash Advance Cards like F2A Ultra, please visit the Flash Advance Cards section, read some reviews, and check out infomation on the different writable GBA Flash Cards for Gameboy Advance.

Where can I get a Flash Advance Linker Cart such as EZ-Flash Advance?

There is many places where you can buy these incredible GBA Cards. But some places are better than others price-wise, and service-wise. For your convenience we have put together a list of all the best places to buy your GBA Flash Advance Cartridges and Cards. Head over to our "Where to buy" section for more information on which stores carry it, along with pricing, shipping details, and other feedback and info.


Where are the GBXemu Forums, I can't find it?
The GBXemu forum can be found here . Once at the forums, feel free to register and begin to engage in chat with other GBXemu users. The forum can be a fun place, make new friends, talk about your favourite GBA Roms or anythign else!

Why was my account deleted?
A very likely answer would be that you have not posted. It is common for us to do random user sweeps removing all inactive users. This keeps the forum clean, statistics more accurate, and uses less space on the server. If your account has been deleted, please sign up again and this time, partake in conversations. Consider posting more regularily and being a part of the GBXemu Community!

Why was my account banned?
You may have been banned if you have broken one of many of the GBXemu Forum rules. First time offenses do not usually result in ban, but are sometimes the case. If you have been banned and believe you should not have been, please contact the admin through the GBXemu Contact page , and let us know why you believe you were banned, and why you should be unbanned from GBXemu Forum.


What is GBXemu chat?
The GBXemu Chat is a place for users to login and talk live, with other GBXemu chat users. This is a great way to get to know some of the people at GBXemu!

How do I login?
To login, you must go to the GBXemu Chat . Once there, enter your username and Password. If you do not have an account, please Register one.

How can I become a moderator?
If you are looking to help out, the worst thing you can do is ask. We are constantly keeping an eye out for people that are helping out alot in the chat. Attendance is one of the most vital aspects of a chat moderator. Spend lots of time in the chat, help people out, act mature, and you just might be the very next GBXemu Chat Moderator.

Hopefully you have found the above information useful. If you have other questions, please contact us, or post your question(s) in the GBXemu Forum .

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