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GBXemu Home/News - Hot off the press!

Play NDS and GBA Backups Still more to come...
As you may have noticed, roms are not quite up yet. We are still configuring and adding our roms to a server for hosting here at GBXemu. The GBA ROMS will be up for download fairly soon. Also, site is still undergoing large construction. We have decided to launch the main site since it is at the point where it works fine, but we are still lacking a lot of the content it will have. Stay tuned for more updates!

GBXemu site launch!
Well, it's here. Just as promised! Hopefully you guys will enjoy the new design... a fresh new look always makes things easier on the eyes. Visit often as we are frequently making changes!

Also, please join the forum if you have not already. A registered account to the forums may be required in order to download GBA Roms. This will include reaching a certain level of activity in the forum.

But BE WARNED: If you are caught spamming in the forum to increase your post count, our moderators will reduce your post count to 0, along with a possibility of being banned permanently from the forum. You do not want this if you plan to download GBA Roms.. ;)

Nintendo DS R4 and M3 slot-1 Flash Cards for playing Game Backups.

R4 all-in-one combo to includes everything you need to run your NDS game backups, homebrew, Movies, MP3 and more! Includes a 2GB MicroSD card at a very low price! This NDS Slot 1 solution has "drag and drop" functionality for adding .nds rom files so no need for patching backups.

You can play MP3's and Video read TXT books, and run DS homebrew applications with ease. The R4 team has made functionality their number one priority with this new generation of DS development. This Simply is the best nds flash card currently available for the Nintendo DS. You can even use this device as a PassMe for your other DS backup cads - so allowing you twice as much storage.

More details at Modchip Store.

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GBA and NDS Flash Cards available at: ModChip Store

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