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About GBXemu


GBXemu is a gaming site dedicated primarily to the Gameboy Advance (GBA) handheld system. GBXemu is run by a group of dedicated staff to being you the latest information about games, emulation, and products for the Gameboy Advance system. GBXemu was formed to provide a central site of collected information about GBA. Here at GBXemu, we strive to bring you quality information, up to date news, reviews, and useful links to sites, and stores that may help you find what you are looking for.


GBXemu is a place where you can come to find all the latest in Gameboy Advance Roms releases, screenshots, and even download the roms themselves. We offer roms for download off the main site. And GBA roms can be found within the forums as well. Just head over to the GBXemu Forum , and go to the Gameboy Advance GBA Roms section. Make a post with the rom you would like to download, and someone would be happy to find and provide a link to it for you.


The GBXemu forum is set up for your benefit and convenience. The boards can be used to find all sorts of useful information about GBA roms, games, reviews, where to buy certain products, or even just discuss off topic issues. The forum runs off of phpBB , a powerful Message Board tool used for communicating easily with other users. The forum can be a useful tool for any Gameboy Advance user, or can just be fun! Join the forums and start meeting new people that also love Gameboy Advance!


New tools and utilities for the Gameboy Advance are constantly in developement and coming out! Here at GBXemu you can find all the latest in GBA tools and utilities. Get the most out of your Gameboy Advance! Have you ever wanted to play class NES games again? Maybe you want to play original gameboy games, or maybe even SNES roms and games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy on the GBA. Well now you can, download GBA Utilities or Tools for GBA and begin getting the most out of your GBA!


A very common and popular area of the site, is the GBA Emulators section. Gameboy Advance is a fun and great console, and there is always new games coming out that you want to play! However, it can become very expensive always running out to the nearest Video Game rental stores to test out new games all the time. Why not just download a GBA Gameboy Advance Emulator and play the games on your computer first for free!? Many GBA developement groups have worked hard to make this dream come true for all us GBA Gamers! There is now a variety of good GBA Emulators for the PC so you can play all your favourite games on the computer without having to first buy or rent the games. Test out games on your computer before you buy them!


GBA Flash Advance Cards and GBA Flash Writable Cards are a very good way to get the most of your Gameboy Advance SP experience. These cards are developement kits which are used to transfer games for the PC directly to a cartidge which can be played in the Gameboy Advance GBA system. This is the same method used by game developers when making games for the GBA. Download free GBA roms and flash / transfer the GBA rom files backup to your GBA cartridge. It can be done over and over, one you finish a game, just delete it off the card and put in another one. It's as simple as that! Head over to the GBA Flash Advance Cards section and learn more about different types of Cartridges for the Gameboy Advance GBA, and read reviews on which ones work best, and will be the best value for you!

GBA and NDS Flash Cards available at: ModChip Store

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